Adventures in Photography by Moses Farrow

Based on Long Island, New York, USA

Photography ... Is my passion

I arrived an hour before registration. The sun had just risen above the horizon, the water tower growing larger ahead of me as I drove along Jones Beach. Field 5 was my destination, the Nikon Theater stood boldly over the water. Volunteers in bright yellow t-shirts gathered around tables and tents making last minute preparations before the 1500+ Walkers would swarm the area. The morning sun cast long shadows on the boardwalk, which contoured the southern shore's edge for a mile and half. The scene was empty of people. As 8am came around, the Teams began to arrive, converging around the registration tent. The emcee, Deb Velazquez, gave the opening remarks and announcements. Soon, life entered the grassy field. Children ran to and fro, laughter was carried on the breeze and posters filled the air. This was unlike any other charity event. Beginning with a Zumba warm up, the crowd demonstrated its strength and vitality, coordination and power. Support from doctors and local medical organizations was recognized. They were praised for their ongoing efforts. Friends, family, survivors and loved ones came together to breathe life into this first charity walk for the National Brain Tumor Society on Jones Beach, Long Island. All throughout the event there was a sense of peace, compassion and community. I believe it was generated by the woman who set the stage and the bar for the overwhelming success of this walk. What made this event unique is that it reflected the heart and spirit of Diana Guerin, whose determination began a legacy. I'm looking forward to next year's Walk and hope you'll join us.

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