Adventures in Photography by Moses Farrow

Based on Long Island, New York, USA

Photography is a journey

"Where I am is exactly where I'm supposed to be."  This is what I've repeated to myself throughout this past year.  Though I miss the days I would chase down a sunset, explore hiking trails to find the best spot for the perfect shot of the landscape, or venture to new destinations, I have learned to change my focus and appreciate what my life has brought me.  


Cape Cod 2015

I began this year in Cape Cod with my friends walking along trails, taking in the cold wintry scenery.  No matter the conditions, you can always find something interesting to capture.  

My life twisted and turned as I settled into my new home on Long Island.  As winter turned to spring, I still had the urge to explore.

Opportunities came for me to develop my portrait portfolio, which I am very grateful for and look forward to keep this a work in progress.

Once in a while, the conditions would be just right and I happened to have my camera with me.

LRF Walk 1-MF.jpg

Over the summer I raised $1,000 for the Lymphoma Research Foundation in honor of my friend.

I will never get tired of capturing nature.  Even if it is of a flower pot at a friend's house.

I really enjoy creative collaborations!

Being asked back by the National Brain Tumor Society for their Long Island Walk Fundraiser was truly an honor.  I focused on capturing the theme of having a fighting spirit.

I even won 1st place at a juried photo show and the year isn't over yet.  The best part of photography being a journey is that it continues to take me beyond the limits of my imagination.

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