Adventures in Photography by Moses Farrow

Based on Long Island, New York, USA

The Photoshoot... A winter story.

I become a little nostalgic when seasons change.  I have a mixture of feelings... happy and excited about the warmer weather, and... relieved to have survived another winter.  I really enjoy living in the northeast!  I recently was speaking with a friend of mine, who suggested I post photos from photoshoots that I do.  It's a way to tell a story and show how much can be done in just one location.

Despite being quite a small island, Long Island has many beautiful parks and areas to enjoy nature, not just at the beach.  Having come from Connecticut, I look forward to visiting as many parks as I can on the Island!  When I met this particular family, I could feel their connection with one another and definitely got to see their individual personalities emerge.  They brought tremendous energy to the photoshoot.

We started taking photos together and in various group combinations underneath a large tree that provided great shade.  I set up a light and began clicking away.  When you click through the slideshow, you'll notice that as we moved around the park, it provided a range of looks.  While I'm used to natural light, I'm certainly enjoying combining flash and available light as well.  Can you see the difference?

Despite it being a small park, as we walked around we found places on the small bridge, found some amazingly tall cattails and laughed and enjoyed ourselves the whole time.  This is what I love about being on location.  With children, it's about giving them a place to be themselves and for me being ready with the camera!  

I'm looking forward to exploring Long Island and doing many more photoshoots!  If you live here or visited, please leave me a comment where your favorite spots are.  If you'd like a photoshoot, contact me.