My Story - Moses Farrow lifestyle Photographer

From South Korea to the United States.

Photography was just the beginning. I'm finding it more common these days that people don't stick to just one path in life. We are realizing there's more to experience and that we can actually do more with ourselves. I have always had the passion to be helpful in some way and it was important to me as a photographer to use my skills towards a social good.

As my skills have developed, so has the desire to challenge myself and seek new ways to support people and their dreams and ideas. However, my brand of marketing coaching and consultation is based in a collaborative approach to help my clients deconstruct negative patterns of thinking and build ones based on their strengths and ability to see their potential. It's a rewarding process as we engage in the work of building their ideas into business plans, marketing strategies and brand identities. Along the way, they appreciate that I have the skills in photography and design to offer tangible products such as headshots, web design, and the marketing materials needed to implement their campaigns and reach their business goals.

What it comes down to is leading your life with your values and focusing on generating passion in what you want to do. You don't know where your path will take you, but it's never about the destination as it's about what you do with yourself today. Photography was just the beginning for me and I'm excited what may happen if there's an opportunity for us to bring your ideas to life. Contact me if you would like to collaborate.


Awards & shows

Phoenix Fine Arts Gallery, Bellport, NY
1st Place Destinations and Journeys Juried Show - 2015
2nd Place Annual Photo Show - 2015

Arts Center East, Vernon, CT
1st Juried Show, Arts Center East, Vernon CT - 2013
2nd Juried Show, Arts Center East, Vernon, CT - 2014

MAC650 Gallery, Middletown, CT
Entry, Juried Photo Show - 2014


Moses Farrow 2017
The only thing better than discovering the creativity within yourself is to share it with others.
— Moses Farrow